About the Film

SEED ACT is an international long play documentary film approaching a contemporary social issue of global relevance, through artful and innovative storytelling. It is an independent Liquen Collective production.

SEED ACT is a documentary film about how different people and organisations get hands on for seed sovereignty, to protect life, biodiversity and the production of healthy seeds, in a world which is increasingly regulated and suffocated by seed acts, legislations limiting what has always been human- ity’s birthright: to sow, cultivate, harvest, consume and exchange natural seeds.

SEED ACT wants to show the different ways people organise themselves to ACT for the protection and production of healthy SEEDs and SEED sovereignty. The film will be structured in different ACTs, and hopes to ACT as SEED, allowing people’s imaginations, inspirations and motivations to flourish and blossom. Because ACTing with and for SEEDs might be the only way to keep them out of the claws of laws and SEED ACTs.

SEED ACT aims to inspire social engagement.
– sensorial, aromatic, engaging and activating, the film will constitute an action in itself. Informing about the current situation of traditional seed varieties, imminent threats – loss of biodiversity, state of the food system, legislation, …
Questioning the role of seeds in our society, the direction being pointed out, new seed laws and patents on life.
Activating – waking up ears and consciousnesses, show real and possible inspiring lives and stimulate the willingness to take action for free seeds.webbanner facebook SEEDACT

SEED ACT is an action film: aiming to study what happens in our complex world, by contributing to its change. It is an engaged documentary film, in defence of traditional seeds and in support of the work of seed savers. SEED ACT will stimulate throughout the whole project strong community engagement, by involving food sovereignty, seed saving and related campaigns and groups in the film from the start, in several countries. The film will be promoted through these groups, who may use it to raise awareness. The separate acts of SEED ACT will be distributed freely as well as through cinema or TV, if possible, to reach the widest possible audience. On our website we will publish information in an ongoing manner, about the production, but also about the characters and the issues. Supporters of the film can donate time or money to help make the project a reality.

Share this idea, support our work, donate and drop us a line if you feel like contributing to this project somehow! Send us an email to info@liquen.eu


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