SEED ACT footage extras [video interviews]

We’re releasing some precious SEED ACT footage extras, such as long and interesting interviews with several seed savers and seed freedom defenders we met and that due to their extent can’t be shown integrally in the film. But you will be able to watch these remarkable lines of thought  here. Enjoy!


Here’s the first release of SEED ACT footage extras, such as this one: a rich and diversified 20 minutes raw talk by Dr.Vandana Shiva, while on the bus of the Solidarity Caravan for Seed Freedom, in 2014.

“Because nature evolves, you get resistance: Emergence of resistance to pesticides, emergence of resistance to roundup, is proof of evolution. The people who go for the industrial paradigm of seed and the industrial agriculture paradigm are in a denial of evolution.” [Dr Vandana Shiva]