Our Engagement and Film Crew

The core of SEED ACT team consists of people who have already been engaged for a number of years in the reclaiming of our seed freedom and peoples rights to food sovereignty. All of us consider food and farming to be at the core of the challenges that humanity is facing in the third millennium. All of us have gradually embraced more agro-ecological food habits over the years, including producing and/ or processing some of our own food. SEED ACT’s director is becoming a seed saver herself, as well as the producer in France and Belgium, and both the director and the executive producer are organisers of the Portuguese Seed Freedom campaign. Many of the film’s volunteers and supporters come from seed savers associations, community gardens or food activist groups, are part of the permaculture movement or have chosen the peasant’s way of life. We are making a film about what we ourselves believe in: that acting with and for traditional seeds might be the only way to keep them out of the claws of seed laws and monopolist seed corporations.

The people behind SEED ACT 

Director and Cinematography: Sara Baga
Producers: Sara Baga (Portugal, Greece, Italy, France), Lanka Horstink (Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Holland) and Erik D’haese (Belgium, France).
Assistant Director in Belgium and France: Erik D’haese

Cameras: Sara Baga (Portugal, Greece, Italy, France), Christophe Rolin (Belgium), Olivier Conrardy (Belgium), Maëlle Grand Bossi (Belgium), Jean Amoris (Belgium), Gonçalo Campos (Portugal, Greece, Italy, France), Daniel Solomon (France), Olga Widmer (France), and Pedro Rodrigues (Portugal).
Light design: Sara Baga, Pedro Rodrigues (Arouca, Portugal); Daniel Solomon (LongoMai, France).
Sound design: Erik D’haese (Belgium, France), Gonçalo Sarmento (Portugal, Greece, Italy, France), Maëlle Grand Bossi (Belgium), Maria Campos (Portugal).
Video Editors: Sara Baga, Gonçalo Sarmento

Executive producer and Account: Lanka Horstink
Film score: Gonçalo Sarmento, Kanoa, Terrakota, Mariana Root, Comedia Mundi, Quartet by Erik D’haese Jonas Cambien Håkan Aase en Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard, Thanasis Klopas Namaste.

Translators: Sara Baga, Lanka Horstink, Erik D’Haese, Cloé Sire, Marie Klinke, Nikos Papadopoulos, Elena Gogou, Carlotta Premazzi, Loucie Rousset, Fernando Naves Sousa, Patrícia Lara, Raquel Shakti, Ana Souto Villanustre,  Xrysa Rapanda, Ana Mota, Peter LittleJohn Cook.



Pedro Rodrigues cleaning his filming equipment during our shooting days in the monastery of Arouca, Portugal
Sara Baga and Erik D’haese shooting for the 1st time in 2013
Sara, Gonçalo Campos and Gonçalo Sarmento shooting in Greece, 2014
carlota and lanka in Encontro da Semente, Portugal 2013
Carlota Premazzi and Lanka Horstink in Encontro da Semente, Portugal 2013

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