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Why we need your donation to finish the film

We have accomplished a lot on the tiniest possible budget! We managed to secure seed money from the Swiss environmentalist foundation Fondation pour une Terre Humaine, to buy essential equipment. With the donations of over 60 individuals and some of the money of the environmental prize won by the Portuguese Seed Freedom campaign, we managed to fly the film team to Greece, to join the International Seed caravan and film several of the approx. 8 acts of the documentary. Over 10 professional camera and sound people and translators worked with us on a volunteer basis, sometimes even lending their equipment to us, making it possible for us to complete all the shoots we needed.

We have now come to a stage where we can’t rely only on volunteers anymore. Image and sound editing, colour mastering and soundtrack recording are demanding tasks that require qualified staff, as does the translation to and from a minimum of five languages. The video editing can take as long as 3 months and we can’t ask professionals to work for free on a full-time basis. The director and all the producers have worked for free and will continue to do so if need be, but any hired staff deserves to be paid, as in any other project. We also need a computer that is properly equipped for the editing.
Once we have finished the film, we need to promote it on its own website, which we will need to make appealing by editing and publishing all sorts of extras and interviews and making-of stories. We will have to send out DVD’s to potential distributors. We would like to tour Portugal to promote the film, which will also require some graphic materials.
We estimate that ideally we need close to 30.000 euros to complete the project. We have decided to crowdfund half of this, whereas the rest (or as much of the rest as we can manage) we will try to obtain from foundations and fundraisers.

If the funds raised are insufficient, will the project be completed?

We have come this far, through hard work, conviction and with the help of fantastic volunteers, therefore we will always complete the project! But it may take much longer, perhaps as much as two more years, since we will not be able to work with professional editors and will have to find ways to subsist while we work on the film in our free time. Additionally there are certain objectives we may have to scrap (editing interviews and extras, doing a promotion tour, being able to prepare the film for cinema,..). Nevertheless, we will be determined to launch SEED ACT to the maximum number of audiences our budget allows, and to make it available as a communication tool to activist groups that are raising awareness about the threats to our food and seed freedom.

What happens if the funds raised exceed the declared amount?

We should be so lucky! This means we will have enough money to finish the film but will also be able to plan for its international distribution and promotion. It means we will finally be able to compensate the director, producers for some of their missed wages, as well as the independent musicians creating soundtracks for the film, allowing them to continue working in their respective fields. We could compensate some of the expenses the grassroots NGO GAIA has incurred while supporting us administratively, logistically and financially. Finally, we could help fund the Seed Freedom campaign in Portugal.

Please contribute with a free donation! 
You can do it it to our paypal account
or directly by bank transference to the account:

IBAN PT50 0035 0250 00699981500 26
Please give to the transference the title “SEED ACT donation” and send us an email to Please don’t forget to send us an email to with your name and the value of the gifted amount so we can track the donation.
You can also donate directly through Paypal (if you don’t need a receipt) clicking in the button below. Thank you!



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