An inspiring film about how people get hands on for seed sovereignty in Europe

A Story of Seed Savers and Seed Defenders SEED ACT tells the stories of the women and men that dedicate their lives and work to preserving and defending our farm seed heritage. In a world choked by restrictive laws that give precedence to the commercial and intellectual property rights of transnational companies over humanity’s historic and […]


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Seed Act crew at the Peoples Assembly & Monsanto Tribunal

(English below) Os acontecimentos foram divididos entre dois lugares: A Assembleia dos Povos, organizada por Navdanya, e o Tribunal Monsanto, com uma organização pluri-associativa por detrás. A Assembleia dos Povos foi o lugar para apresentar, trocar, e criar informação para combater a tentativa de controlo da nossa alimentação por parte de corporações transnacionais e seus […]

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Valérie Cabanes, End Ecocide on Earth

Valérie Cabanes is a lawyer in International Law, specializing in Human Rights, that joined the End Ecocide team in 2012 to promote Ecocide as a crime in Europe, then worldwide. She is a spokesperson to the media and at public events in Europe, and is also coordinating the international legal working group that drafted 17 amendments to the International Criminal Court Statute in order to define the international crime of Ecocide.

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Acto I – Estreia Porto

É com alegria que iremos estrear no Porto a curta documental “Acto I Ao encontro da Semente” a 31 de Março, na sessão de abertura do festival Cinema com Terra, CICLO DE CINEMA SOBRE AGRICULTURA, RURALIDADE, SAÚDE E ALIMENTAÇÃO.   Tal como as sementes viajaram com os povos nómadas ao longo de milénios, atravessaremos vários países […]

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As Novas Arcas de Noé

A Sara deu uma entrevista sobre sementes e o filme SEED ACT à revista Superinteressante. As novas arcas de NOÉ – Quando países e empresas poderosas investiram forte no bunker de Svalbard, na Noruega, percebeu-se que as sementes serão o ouro deste século. Uns guardam o tesouro, outros querem- no livre e acessivel a todos. […]

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What we have done so far

It has been quite an adventure, filming in several different countries and on the road. From Portugal to France, with stops in Greece and Italy, and trips to Belgium, we have had the amazing opportunity to meet the most inspiring seed savers and seed defenders, famous (as in the case of Dr. Vandana Shiva and […]

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Some Facts about Seeds…

Our close observation of the modern food system and its impact on agricultural ecosystems has led us to the frightening conclusion that the annihilation of our agro-biodiversity may be near. Some of the more obvious causes for this are the pollution and degradation of farm land and farm resources through the aggressive industrialisation of agriculture, […]

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